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  • Hello,

    Thanks for all your continued feedback – we’ve been listening carefully and have continued to make a number of improvements. In this patch we’re introducing an overhauled save system, which makes managing saves between game modes much easier.
    This patch will be made available on PC platforms first, and will follow on PS4. Read on for full patch notes!
    New save system
    • You will now be presented with 5 save-game slots (each of which can be used for any game mode). Your
  • No Man schrieb:


    Today we’re releasing Patch 1.37, which introduces a number of improvements including a new ship control scheme for PC players, an upload all discoveries option and improved trade prices. This patch will be available today on PC and PS4 – read on for full patch notes!

    PC control scheme

    In this patch, we’ve added a new tethered ship control scheme for PC mouse & keyboard players. This option can be toggled, and

  • No Man schrieb:


    Patch 1.35 is here and introduces a number of quality of life tweaks and changes, while also fixing some of the remaining issues you’ve reported to us. The patch will be available on both PC and PS4 today! Here’s a closer look at what you can expect:

    Features and changes

    • Introduced ship handling variances between types/classes. Each individual ship now has procedural handling and speed characteristics, based on