[PS4] Update 1.61

  • Quelle nomanssky.com

    Development Update

    Patch 1.61 is live on all platforms today, with the notes available below. We will have some more news to share with you very soon!

    Our next update is larger and has a focus on making exocraft. Making them more valuable and interesting, as well as fixing exocraft issues.

    Thank you so much,


    Patch 1.61

    • Fixed a crash in the quick menu.
    • Added a warning message when attempting to upload a base which exceeds the existing server upload limit.
    • Fixed an issue where the build menu would occasionally switch to the quick menu.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple mission markers could appear over moving objects.
    • Fixed an issue on PS4 where players could join multiplayer sessions with players on a different patch version of the game.
    • Improved some translated text.