Path Finder – Patch 1.24

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    • Path Finder – Patch 1.24

      No Man schrieb:

      Greetings explorers,

      Today we’re releasing Patch 1.24, which addresses some remaining issues and bugs players have reported since the launch of the Path Finder Update. This update is live now on both PC and PS4, and the patch notes are as follows:

      • Fixed an issue that caused player’s bases not to appear
      • Optimised light shafts, allowing us to enable them on PS4
      • Fixed a game freeze/lock up that could occur when in space
      • Improved frame rate when playing with unlocked frame rate, or vsync disabled
      • Fixed some issues with Steam controller prompts
      • Various minor performance optimisations
      • Fixed some rare crashes & freezes

      Thanks to everyone who has been playing and providing feedback/bug reports! If you continue to experience issues, you can report them via our Help Centre.

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